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Kiwis are increasingly using trusts to protect their assets. There are currently about 500,000 trusts in New Zealand.

Trusts are useful asset protection structures. Trusts allow someone to split the ownership burdens and rights to a piece of property between the trustees and the beneficiaries, and through this add a layer of separation between an individual and the asset. Trusts have been a very important tool in asset planning for centuries, but in recent years as the complexities of business and relationships have evolved, they have become even more important.

The law of trusts is complex and changing and there have been recent legislative developments that have considerably altered the disclosure requirements of some trusts. Our team makes a point of keeping up to date with trust law and we also have staff who are trained in the management of trusts and estates.

We can assist you in protecting your most important assets by helping you create a well-structured and well-maintained trust.

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