Accounting and Compliance

Accounting and Compliance
Compliance in New Zealand company and tax law is becoming increasingly complex. Businesses and individuals who do not meet their compliance requirements may be faced with severe penalties. Fortunately, we can assist you and educate you in dealing with the complexities that you might encounter while running your business or as a result of your investments. Our services are not boiler plate – we have the people and the expertise to ensure that the service you get is tailored specifically to your needs. We can assist you with any facet of your compliance work from maintaining your Xero accounts to preparing your regular GST returns. If you prefer to handle the day to day administration, we can prepare your annual returns at the end of the year. The level of service we provide is always entirely in your hands. Trusts are an area of speciality for us and we have invested considerable time and effort into upskilling ourselves in this complex area of law. If you choose us to set up and maintain your trusts, you can rest assured that they will be properly executed and maintained.

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